Remote Buddy Mobile Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Introducing Remote Buddy Display – Access your Mac from your Apple TV & control it with Siri Remote

Remote Buddy Display - The tvOS companion app for Remote Buddy that brings your Mac apps onto the big screen and lets you control them with the Siri ...

Remote Buddy Setup Part I

A basic configuration to get Remote Buddy working with an Apple Remote. This is an elegant and easy way to turn your Mac into a Home Theater PC in just ...

iPhone/iPod Touch as Mac gesture remote control using Remote Buddy

This is a demonstration of Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote (Mac-only) in action. Shows the use of gesture control, presenter touchpad, mousespot, movie library, ...

Remote Buddy Screencast - MacUpdate Promo

Remote Buddy allows you to remotely control anything on your Mac with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Remote or Wii Remote. Learn more at: ...

Remote Buddy Display

Remote Buddy is VNC app for tvOS.

Remote Buddy Setup Part II

Setup Remote Buddy to work with a universal remote. Get multiple Apple remotes out of only one.

Iphone Remote Buddy

Iphone Remote Buddy demo.

iPod Touch/iPhone as Mac remote control using Remote Buddy

This demo video shows using Remote Buddy ( ) to control your Mac from your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 JARVIS Second Screen App Review

Hey guys, Marvel just released the Second Screen App for Iron Man 3 and its awesome. You basically get Jarvis in your pocket!!! Check it out and download it ...

iPhone Remote

Using my iPhone with Remote Buddy to control my Mac mini media center.

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